About The Older Mom

A baby challenges us at any age. Make that an unexpected baby at age 43 and it can knock you off not just your groove, but your entire life trajectory.

And once you’ve become that mother, either for the first time or again, planned or unplanned, the adjustments continue. While your older friends are empty nesters, the parents with children your age are years, sometimes decades, younger than you.

Add to this the expected life changes of midlife, such as a changing body or aging parents, and your plate is full.

At age 51, with children aged 22, 20 and 8, parents aged 80 and right smack in the middle of my century, I decided to blog my way to sanity.

I hope my musings, advice, suggestions, ideas and thoughts give you some reassurance that you’re not alone and you got this.

We got this.

Grab your glass of wine and let’s toast to The Older Mom, because we’re cool. Even if no one knows it anymore.


The Older Mom

Welcome to The Older Mom

Welcome to The Older Mom