Do Something That Scares the Pee Out of You

Recently at school, my student asked me if I was doing the pee pee dance. Yes, I think that was a good way to describe what I was doing.

Before I took my students to lunch one day, I opened up my “saved trips” online and pondered the purchase of a trip to Barcelona. The trip I had found was blinking at me that there were only a few seats left and I should buy soon. My middle daughter was going to Spain to study for ten weeks and ever since I had known she was going, I had wanted to book a trip to visit her.

Thus, the pee pee dance began. I squirmed, bounced up and down, and murmured to myself. Could I really do this? Could I make this decision and just go, by myself, for a quick European trip?

do something that scares the pee out of you

Because if you’d asked 18 year old me what I was going to do in life, my answer would have been “travel.” See the world, adventure, go everywhere, do everything.

Instead, I got married, had babies, got divorced, had another baby, worked, paid bills, raised amazing children, stayed home on Friday nights with my homebody husband who taught me the joys of being around a fire with family, cooked meals, sent the older girls to college and kept living life. A happy life.

A life enjoyed, but no trans-Atlantic travel.

It’s not like I never left home. I have gone to Canada, Mexico, several Caribbean islands, and lots of states, including Hawaii, but not the great cities of Europe that I had imagined I would have seen multiple times by now.

My oldest daughter had gone to Madrid for a short time last summer, but my next child, Ellis, was going to be in Barcelona(!) with plenty of time for me to visit. I had looked, searched, saved trips on websites, and had one in my cart, waiting for me to purchase it.

Now, I don’t like to think of myself as someone with phobias, but I’m having to acknowledge I have a pretty big fear of flying. I know all the statistics and I don’t fear a crash, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be on a turbulent flight for hours on end, terrified beyond all measure and this one anxiety was representing all the reasons I was afraid to book the trip.

The students I teach are often afraid to venture out of their comfort zone and try new things and I try to encourage them to think outside their usual world. It was a great moment to have them being the ones urging me on to just do it, reminding me that I shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

Telling me that my pee pee dance was just because I was afraid, but I could, and should, do it.

So I did it. I paid for my flight + hotel package to Barcelona, Spain. And I didn’t pee my pants. I cried a little with a mixture of relief and excitement at making the decision, but I didn’t pee my pants.

What is making you do the pee pee dance? What are you nervous about doing? It may not be travel to Spain, but maybe it’s leaving a comfortable job for a new career. Maybe it’s something you’ve always dreamed of or just a new idea that is hatching in your brain.

If there is something you’re thinking about doing, share it here. I’ll give you support just like my students gave me. I’ll tell you to go for it, because you deserve to make those dreams come true.

So go ahead and do the dance, but push “buy now” or “apply” or “enroll.”

Picture the final destination, not the bumpy flight. Focus on the excitement, not the terror.

But make that decision before you actually pee your pants. That would be embarrassing in front of your class.